Real estate and Business services

Forming the backbone of the entire St Clair Superior neighborhood, our commercial and residential stakeholders play a vital role in shaping the community. Supported by innovative residential and commercial initiatives, real estate in St Clair Superior is ripe with promise.  A stable industrial sector is surrounded by housing for all income levels of investment.  

For further information, please contact Marcia Nolan, Director of Real Estate Development, at (216)881-0644 ext. 108 or



St Clair Superior Development Corporation is a proud community partner of the MyCom youth program. MyCom (My Commitment, My Community) is a comprehensive youth development initiative that stretches countywide and is intended to connect neighborhood agencies through collaboration to increase effectiveness and fill program gaps in youth development. As one of the founding MyCom neighborhoods, SCSDC partners with local artists, businesses, residents, and St. Philip Neri for neighborhood youth programs. MyCom sponsors all SCSDC annual youth events, job opportunities through Y.O.U,  afterschool programs to build skills and confidence, and has helped thousands of youth and their families.

Through the MyCom program, SCSDC has welcomed many opportunities to educate, entertain and empower local teens and young people.  For more information, contact Philip Hewitt, Youth Development Manager at 216.881.0644 or phewitt at



Whether it is murals, creative placemaking, upcycling or cultural events and festivals, St. Clair Superior provides opportunities to organizations that transform our community and celebrate our diverse heritage.  Cleveland Asian FestivalCleveland Kurentovanje Festival, Upcycle Parts Shop, Summer Youth Festival - are some of our cornerstone events that attract people from all over Ohio.  

I think there is a nice neighborhood feel here. It would be hard to be more diverse than this neighborhood is.
— The Brills