Here's just a small sample of the projects underway with St. Clair Superior Development Corp.


50 healthy homes

St. Clair Superior is one of the top 3 areas in Cleveland with significantly high rates of lead homes and children affected by exposure to lead paint. Nearly 90% of Cleveland homes may have lead paint because of their construction prior to 1978.  St. Clair Superior area has some of the oldest housing stocks in Cleveland, many with lead paint still present.  Lead paint that is chipping and peeling poses health risks especially vulnerable children. 

Our program will begin to address this problem. The lead paint abatement program will help educate St. Clair Superior residents about the hazards of lead paint and the methods to assess and remediate the problem areas on their homes. Through the generous support of Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation and Baldwin Wallace Jacket Philanthropy Program, we completed our first year of providing St. Clair Superior residents with the tools and supplies to paint their homes.  Priority was given to homes with young children and those facing foreclosure because of lead paint.  Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation created a video about the importance of this work - view it here.  

We intend on continuing this program in 2019.

Through 2018, we've been talking to our businesses, retailers, and artists to hear what we can do to become a more effective CDC.  Connecting to work


Artist Pocket Neighborhood Design Concept

Artist Pocket Neighborhood Design Concept

Live work sell 

In preparing for Cleveland’s economic development, efforts to understand the future of workforce placement has been researched.  The Cleveland Foundation's recent publication, The Fifth Migration, underscores the concept that millennials want flexibility when it comes to their choice for a workplace.  Forecasts of employment trends by the World Economic Forums confirm this fact.  In March 2017, the Forum called “flexible work and virtual teams” two of the biggest drivers of workplace transformation.  This aligns with the reality that home-based businesses are on the rise.  Through the generous support of the Cleveland Foundation, SCSDC was funded to research and gather community input on the possibility of zoning a section of St. Clair Superior as "Live Work Sell" area

St. Clair-Superior area is uniquely positioned to advantage our neighborhood with home-based businesses and expand workplace flexibility for the next generation.  We have a supply of houses and transportation corridors that link to the largest centers of business and culture in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area.  West of St. Clair-Superior is downtown Cleveland which is undergoing renaissance and reinvestment; east is the explosive growth of University Circle in healthcare, arts, culture, and higher education.  

The research has been completed and the final report is being completed.  The resulting city legislation will be presented in later 2018. The implementation will be started after the legislation is passed.  


The amazing work of local mural artist Dayz Whun on Amy's Beverage and Deli- Payne Ave and 32nd Street celebrating the Asian culture.

The amazing work of local mural artist Dayz Whun on Amy's Beverage and Deli- Payne Ave and 32nd Street celebrating the Asian culture.

mural art program 

The teen art mural project is a public art process that promotes growth, leadership, and activism while enriching the lives of our youth and community at large.  Through building community partnerships for organizational support and artistic inspiration, teens compose a collective vision for a new community mural. To create a healthy and supportive community, the teens steer efforts by identifying social and racial barriers and then using those barriers as the catalyst to express artistic healing.  The act of painting and installing the mural in a public space creates a restorative bonding and sense of accomplishment and pride in the neighborhood.    

Though many of our inner city youth express disengagement and helplessness in being able to change the conditions of their neighborhoods, they also have an elevated vision for their community.  The arts allow for meaningful expression despite race, gender, or socio-economic status, and our teen center is preparing our fourth teen mural in five years.   This project is a community initiative with the staying power to make widespread cultural change through the artistic expression of youth voice.

We are excited to be working with local business owner (Red Lion Tattoo) and lead artist Naijal "DAYZ" Hawkins, a true fan of art and a Scholastic Art award winner many times over.   His passion for art and working with the kids exemplifies all the good things that are happening in our neighborhood.   

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This work is supported by Cleveland Foundation's MyCom program and the generous support of individual donors, Best Buy Foundation, Minority Arts and Education Fund, Kresge Foundation and the Ohio Arts Council. We are seeking more individual donations to continue this program.