Hub 55

With the groundbreaking Hub 55 project, SCSDC plans to build upon the velocity started with their Urban Grazing Program, the Cleveland Flea, and the Upcycle St Clair project to establish a food hub, farmers market and facilitate the development of a Cafe and Brewery to launch Hub 55. The overall mission of Hub 55 is to improve food security and create employment and business development opportunities that did not previously exist for low-income individuals in the St Clair Superior neighborhood.

More specifically, the goals of Hub 55 are to: (1) create sustainable employment and business opportunities; (2) increase access to affordable, local, healthy food in Cleveland; (3) develop a healthy food distribution system; and (4) implement strategies that promote and encourage healthy food education and consumption. Hub 55 will spark the essential commercial vitality that will improve Cleveland’s east side neighborhoods and help the local economy flourish. Hub 55 will serve as the economic anchor that will draw in the foot traffic to support the food hub, additional stores and establish the necessary infrastructure to create new and support existing food businesses (a.k.a “agripreneurs”). This food hub will create a distribution opportunity that ensures employment for low-income individuals and brings healthy food choices to low access and low-income areas.

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