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Hub 55 With the groundbreaking Hub 55 project, SCSDC is building upon the velocity started with their Urban Grazing Program, and the Upcycle St Clair project to facilitate the development of a Cafe and Brewery to launch Hub 55. The overall mission of Hub 55 is to create employment and business development opportunities that did not previously exist for low-income individuals in the St Clair Superior neighborhood. Hub 55 will serve as the economic anchor that will draw in the foot traffic to the additional stores and establish the necessary infrastructure to create new and support existing food businesses. This food hub will create a distribution opportunity that ensures employment for low-income individuals and brings healthy food choices to low access and low-income areas.

Upcycle St. Clair Is a project of St. Clair Superior CDC funded by the national ArtPlace funding collaboration. Artplace funds creative placemaking and they believed in our vision to build a new neighborhood along St. Clair Avenue (in the East 60s) using upcycling as the artistic intervention. There’s something special about this area and its longtime community anchors, historic buildings and easy accessibility to the East and West. It was once a thriving spine of the neighborhood and we believe in reclaiming its potential. Our work is creating vibrancy, engaging residents, supporting existing merchants, attracting new ones, creating more colorful streets, teaching upcycling, activating empty spaces, and building community.

Night Market Cleveland is a dynamic nighttime experience which connect people to the distinctive community, culture and creativity of the St Clair Superior, Campus and Asiatown districts, to animate a creative economy, spark interest and inspire further exploration.

At its core, the event series was designed to energize a much-forgotten corner of Cleveland by creating a place where the diverse people and cultures of Cleveland could come together to experience life at night!

NMCLE is an authentically Asian, and uniquely Cleveland experience. The series is a balanced mash-up of farmer’s market, meets maker market, meets food festival, meets entertainment series, with each aspect pulling from local and regional talent and treasure.

NMCLE runs from 5 PM -11 PM, final Fridays, June-September on 21st Street and Rockwell Ave!

Cleveland Asian Festival Founded in 2010 with partnership with SCSDC and the AsiaTown Community, this yearly festival is to celebrate the diversity of ethnic groups living in Cleveland, Ohio especially within the AsiaTown Neighborhood, it’s main goal is to bring economic growth to the neighborhood, to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, to unite the community as one, and to educating and promoting Asian culture and traditions. In 2016, over 48,800 people attended the 7th annual festival and over $2 millions were spent on that weekend. Cleveland Asian Festival occurs on the 3rd weekend of May.

Year of the Zodiac Project Started in 2004, in 2016 St Clair Superior Development Corporation (SCSDC) in Cleveland OH unleashed the eleventh installment in its series of annual public art campaigns celebrating the Lunar Chinese Year. This year’s project commemorates the Chinese Year of the Monkey, which began with the new moon on February 8, 2016. To kick off the celebration, SCSDC installed several fiberglass Sheep sculptures featuring unique designs created and applied by Northeast Ohio artists/organizations. The sculptures are sponsored by local businesses and installed throughout Cleveland’s St. Clair Superior neighborhood.

Edible History is located in Cleveland’s St Clair Superior neighborhood. A pre-civil war home will be a model for creative reuse that will engage the public in healthy eating and lifestyles. The house will serve as a food cooperative distribution center and a place for learning studios to occur. Neighboring vacant land will create an edible apothecary helping supply the cooperative and surrounding neighborhood. The learning studios will offer an array of classes, such as neighborhood history, cooking classes, health and wellness seminars, and healthy eating classes for youth.

AsiaTown Cleveland continues to be a highly visible and successful branding and marketing campaign building on the growing prominence of the Asian community within our neighborhood. SCSDC has launched a multiphase AsiaTown Master Planning Process sponsored by Councilman Jeffrey Johnson. A Phase One Existing Conditions analysis was completed in 2012 by Wanix Architects, and SCSDC is currently working on Phase Two of the plan in conjunction with numerous community stakeholders in order to successfully grow and support the community.

The Cleveland Flea kicked off in April 2013 and continues to attract thousands of visitors to the St Clair Superior neighborhood on the second Saturday of each month. The Flea hosts a myriad of vintage finds, architectural salvage, handmade goods and delicious treats from area food trucks, as well as Makers Classes where visitors can learn a new art, such as urban chicken farming, coffee roasting and more. As of the 2015 season, the Flea attracts over 12,000 visitors per month to the St Clair Superior neighborhood.

MyCom is a comprehensive youth development initiative that stretches county-wide. As a founding MyCom neighborhood, St. Clair Superior Development Corporation partners with Goodrich-Gannett Neighborhood Center, the Addison Branch Library, Rainey Institute, Cleveland PAL, Case Elementary, E-Prep Academy and St. Martin de Porres High School in collaboration to develop a cradle-to-career pipeline of services within the neighborhood. MyCom sponsors all SCSDC annual youth events, meetings and activities.

Kurentovanje Festival – Cleveland Kurentovanje (koo-rahn-toh-VAHN-yay), a Slovenian-infused Mardi Gras festival, is carnival event that has been celebrated in Slovenia for the past 50 years, connecting culture, arts, and people from all over Europe.  The central figure of the carnival, the Kurent, is believed to chase away winter and usher in spring with its supernatural powers. Since it’s conception in 2013, Cleveland Kurentovanje has been held in the historical Slovenian immigrant neighborhood of St. Clair-Superior and has seen exponential growth with thousands in attendance each year.

Cleveland Kurentovanje spans three days of cultural and celebratory events:

  • Monday, February 5, 2018: Cleveland Kurentovanje has partnered with Dinner in the Dark and the CLE Dinner Club to present a multi-course dinner with Slovenian wines at the Slovenian National Home.
  • Friday, February 9th: The “Kurent Jump” will kick off the weekend festivities where the Kurents will come out and start their mission of scaring away winter at the Skidmark Garage (5401 Hamilton Road) while revelers enjoy food and beer.
  • Saturday, February 10th: The Cleveland Kurentovanje parade and festival will take place with many musical and cultural performances, authentic food and drink, ice carving demonstrations, kids activities and handmade crafts.

The Code Enforcement Partnership is a collaborative effort between the City of Cleveland and neighborhood community development corporations to strategically target problem properties in the neighborhood by systematically going street by street and identifying code enforcement violations. Since the program’s inception in spring of 2011, SCSDC has surveyed over 3,000 structures in our service area for health and safety code violations, encouraging over 400 of the worst offenders to address the problems while connecting elderly and low income homeowners to programs that can help keep their homes safe and secure. SCSDC sits on the Code Enforcement Partnership Executive Board; a board designed to help oversee the logistics of the partnership.

St. Clair Superior Security Program is a partnership between Tenable Protective Services and SCSDC. Beginning in late 2010, SCSDC felt the need to offer a private security option to local businesses in an effort to help improve quality of life issues, make the St. Clair Superior area more suited to doing business and provide an overnight security presence in the neighborhood. After almost two years of this program, participants have indicated that common safety issues have decreased and the quality of life has increased. If you are interested in joining the program, please contact us.

LoftHome is a partnership with Loft Home Builders and the Cuyahoga County Land Bank that is converting homes that would otherwise be demolished into attractive, lofted rental units. Because of the innovative approach, these homes have a waiting list, directly contradicting misperceptions of Cleveland’s east side. Because of the success of the pilot project, SCSDC is currently pursuing a for-sale model for future development.

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