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SCSDC’s mission is to guide neighborhood transformation for residents and businesses in our community.


Community Involvement strives to connect residents to resources and each other. The St Clair Superior Development Corporation helps facilitate community groups organizing and neighborhood meetings, neighborhood clean-ups, community gardens and leadership development. Additionally, we serve as a fiscal agent and assist with small grants for community groups.

Housing Services includes foreclosure prevention, vacant property tracking, code enforcement, housing rehabilitation programs and housing development. A number of homeowners have been connected with foreclosure prevention services, a number of houses have been demolished and strategies, such as LoftHome development, have been explored as ways to save homes and attract new residents to our neighborhoods.

Housing Development SCSDC has partnered with a local developer, Loft Home Builders, Inc. and the Cuyahoga County Land Bank to begin a pilot program of rehabbing vacant and abandoned homes. For the price of demolition, a house is saved and rehabbed into a loft home. This is a strategy that saves tens of thousands of dollars over traditional rehab, and creates affordable live/work spaces for artists throughout our neighborhood.

Commercial Services and technical assistance is what SCSDC provides to businesses within our service area. So far this year, we provided technical assistance to over 55 businesses in our service area, resulting in numerous positive outcomes including new business openings, retentions and expansions. Through the Retail Ready Program alone, we opened five new businesses in 2013. SCSDC has also completed two Storefront Renovation Projects and have two other projects in the development phase. Additionally, SCSDC has also assisted several businesses with the city’s design review process and actively participated in several large-scale planning projects in the AsiaTown neighborhood.

Industrial Program involves outreach, support services and technical assistance to the industrial community that consists of hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs. We assist businesses with economic development opportunities, city review processes, and provide retention, attraction and growth services. Additionally, SCSDC actively participates in shaping the industrial area of the community for the future by planning, implementing programs, and assisting in the development of the built environment. SCSDC actively partners with the city of Cleveland’s Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI) program and has assisted over 60 industrial businesses since 2012.

Arts and Culture opportunities include the Year of the Dragon, which featured 25 sculptures throughout the neighborhood and arts and culture classes for neighborhood youth. In addition to partnering with the Cleveland Asian Festival, SCSDC worked with the Slovenian community to start the first annual Cleveland Kurentovanje, a Slovenian pre-Lenten carnival that drew thousands of people to the St Clair neighborhood and helped bring renewed energy and civic pride to the area.

Youth Programs add a vital connection between SCSDC and the young people of St. Clair Superior. As a MyCom neighborhood leader, SCSDC sponsors the neighborhood Youth Leadership Council as the designated voice for children and teen issues. Annual youth events serve over 600 youth and family each year including the first teen-led Anti-Bully conference last fall.

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