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St. Clair Superior Development Corporation’s (SCSDC) role in community development began over 30 years ago with the founding of two community-based organizations – the St. Clair Business Association and the St. Clair Superior Coalition. In 1999, these two community organizations merged to better service the same citizens with more coordination, united resources and for greater community impact.

The SCSDC service area extends from East 30th Street on the Western boundary to Martin Luther King Boulevard as the Eastern boundary, South to Superior and Payne Avenues and North to the Lake in Cleveland, Ohio. The area is home to several diverse populations found throughout the distinct ethnic neighborhoods, a stable industrial corridor, growing arts scene, and a myriad of unique dining and shopping venues.

Current SCSDC programs, such as, Community Involvement and Organizing, Arts and Culture, Planning and Real Estate Development, Sustainability Programs, Housing Services and Business Development, are seeding the way toward the evolution of supplementary programs and activities designed to drive economic development and support each of the programs above.

View our 2016 Annual Report here.

As part of our ongoing development efforts, SCSDC often has numerous fundraisers, events or items that we are trying to raise awareness for. In addition, we gratefully accept donations to continue our work in the St Clair Superior community. Click below to support our organization!

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